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Vulnerability Is Okay

So often, it is that we feel vulnerable to threats. Isn’t it? From losing our favourite rubber band, much like every other, to losing bonds that matter. When things don’t go our way, when the shoes get soaked in rainwater, when the flower we have been watering and adoring for days just dies or when our friend is moving abroad or just to a distant college. There will be days when you will feel hollow and cold in your chest, and no amount of warm water baths will be sufficient to make you feel less vulnerable. But vulnerability doesn’t sound that bad. Does it? Only if it was that easy to close one chapter of life, like turning the pages even when the pasted memories hang down the edges. Being vulnerable leaves you with two options: pretend that nothing has gone wrong or accept your emotions and face them. Both are pretty good options, but the latter works miracles. What’s the point in using avoidance to bottle up emotions and thoughts? How about confronting but this time to yourself? Rather than telling and yelling how you feel to the other person, why not tell yourself that whatever may come your way, we, as in me and my inner self, will always be at peace with each other, but moments of despair are valid till they consume you.

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