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We all eat food, but are all foods the same to us? We have a different emotion associated with every dish we eat. There are some dishes which make us feel happy and then there are some that we might not enjoy eating. But today, let's talk about dishes that make us feel at home. We all have different roots and origins. And thankfully, we all have food items associated with it. As we can enjoy different cuisines these days, we can choose the reformations and cultures we want to adapt to these days too! One such preference I'm observing these days is going Vegan. As we are all being educated and trying to establish a better society to live in, we are questioning ourselves about what humanity is. And one of many answers to it is being cruelty-free. Veganism is based on the concept of not consuming any animal products and being cruelty-free. And It is a social reform because it brought severe light to animals being mistreated. But does being vegan mean missing all the food that makes you feel at home? The answer is no. Many cuisines like Ethiopian, South Indian, Mediterranean, etc offer Vegan items. Which makes it so much easier to stick to our roots and preferred beliefs! They are made of so many different techniques which would have been hard to attain back then. But thanks to our ancestors, we still have so many Vegan options! Let us know a Vegan dish from your culture in the comments below!

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