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Understanding and Forgiving

In these fearsome times, where we are losing a tremendous amount of people, I want to request all the readers to stop holding grudges against other people and give them a chance. Many Millenials say "life is too short"; so let go of the bitterness and that resentment. Holding grudges affects personal health too. It keeps you stuck in the past which can even lead you to anxiety and depression. During this pandemic, we all have learned this one thing that tomorrow is not promised. You don't know if that person is gonna be around tomorrow, so communicate. Talking helps, maybe it'll make you realize new things about the situation. Try forgiving because everyone has reasons for every action, try and understand their reasons. Holding a grudge against someone isn't gonna lead you anywhere but forgiving might. Every life is important, so hear both sides of a story and try to absolve. So let's have yet another 'one simple change' of understanding and forgiving. Life is a journey, make it a beautiful one for everyone around us.

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