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Unconditional Love

"Unconditional Love" exists just in fantasies and films, isn't it? If you think so, then let's have a different point of view on what unconditional love feels like. The love that our parents have for us is more than just some unconditional love. Not everyone is lucky enough to realize this before time passes by. Teenagers find it cool to stay out of the house the whole day or to stay in their room and not spend time with their parents. But the coolest thing is to spend time with parents, to have fun with them; to open up to them and share our daily life happenings. It is hard to share things with parents in the beginning but once you try to share your life with them, trust me there is no going back. The advice that we get from our parents won't always be the one that we seek but in the long-term, we do realize that it was for our good. The motivation that parents give when the child is at its lowest is something that no one will be able to give because no one knows the child better than its parents. Parents do get angry with us but most times we need a negative push to go in the right direction. Their selflessness to put the child's dream ahead of their dream is something that only our parents can do for us. The good times, the little celebrations, the trips, the hard times, the happiness: all that we share with our parents makes us feel more alive. Doesn't it give peace to our minds and make us happy inside out? Realizing such an amazing unconditional love before time passes by is a blessing. Unconditional love does exist!

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