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Two worlds apart!

As a child, I was always fascinated by a blue water body that had enormous waves which would tease me by brushing against my feet and rushing back. Such a tease!! Chiding with a bubbly little child. Making me chase after it but I could never once touch it. It was said to have magical creatures hidden in its depth along with the treasure. My childlike self used to dreamt of it and desired that wild fantasy of finding the forbidden treasure and discovering the world underneath. As time passed my little self grew younger and mature. This only aided my curiosity. The time came when my questions were answered and it left me dejected knowing reality was far away from my imagination. I glanced at a water body with enormous waves which goes by names such as ocean/sea as people like to call it and realize so what if reality is different? It is still beautiful. My younger self believed in those tales and so would I. When I couldn’t reach waves it was because it wanted me to stand still while It reached out to me (Happiness/love). Teasing reminding me of those who were gone too soon without a farewell. Magical creatures signifying desire, people, and dreams who wanted to be acknowledged. Treasure my heart and soul my priceless possession. Maybe things aren't going the way you planned it but it shouldn't stop you from chasing it. Don't be dejected have an eye to see good in bad. Have the courage to rise and optimum faith in yourself and your beliefs because you are unstoppable.

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