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Trip to Korean Tteok

Do you like spicy food? When I'm low with my life I love some extremely spicy food... some people might like something sweet... or some may avoid food. You all must be thinking about why I'm chasing this thought! That's because food is a way to express our heart just like any other art form. In fact, food phrases like "Do you want to stay for Ramyeon" are used in Korea to deliver appeals that are complicated to say directly. Now that we're talking about food and that we're talking about Korea, there is a Korean dish which everyone should try! If you watch K dramas you know for a fact that Tteokbokki is a must-have in Korea! For those who are not into dramas, Tteokbokki is a Korean dish made of rice cakes in a spicy sauce. In fact, Tteok means rice cake. It is not very easy to make as making a Tteok is not at all easy but you can find readymade Tteok in markets or online. However, making the sauce is extremely simple. The heat of the dish is adjustable. One can add an egg or cheese as per their heat tolerance.

So basically Ttoekbokki is pasta made of rice cake! It is easy to digest and a good alternative to wheat. Let us know how you like this Korean dish. Also, let us know what you prefer to eat when you're low on life... We hope that you get to know and eat good food in both your highs and lows!

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