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Trees Foundation of Small and Big

Trees are everywhere around us. We don't even realize the importance of the trees until and unless they disappear or we are far away from them. The place feels empty like something is missing. Running fingers through the rough grayish-brown bark that further up the trunk breaks off into irregular plates, revealing a creamy white layer beneath makes a person feel competent. Roots deep embedded into the soil are the very much foundation of the big entity. It reminds one that the bigger things do start from smaller ones. The branches are widespread with wind teasing leaves making them dance with its rhythm. Tiny creatures crawling, birds building home for their little ones, so sweet and lovely. Trees are the wholesome place of serenity. They always make you learn the importance of being someone's home, hope, and love. They also teach us how to grow at a steady pace and taking everyone with us to grow. Growing not alone, but together. The selfless act of providing shelter, shade, care, and food is so righteous and supreme. Trees might not be aware of how precious they are but these little ones make them feel, the value of self-worth.

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