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Treat people with kindness! Part 2

In the last blog, we discussed how we can treat people with kindness by being there for them, by supporting them. Secondly, you can just STOP HATING!! If you don't like something a person is doing then ignore it rather than spreading hatred. Let people be what they want to be, let a person wear any clothes they want, let them love whoever they want despite their caste, gender, age. Let a man love man, let a woman love woman even if you think it's wrong. Stop loathing over a thing that isn't even harming you in any way. These are just parameters set by our ancestors, stop forcing them on everyone because at the end of the day the only organism that evolves by time, SURVIVES. Be kind to people, stop demotivating them for things they are passionate about.

"The world doesn't need more critics, it needs more self-awareness"

Treat people with kindness and love them for who they are.

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