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Treat people with Kindness!

Treat people with kindness...many people must have said this to you in your lifetime. The question is what did you do about it? Distributed people some of your used clothes and leftover food? That isn't kindness, it's a selfish act we do to tell ourselves that we are a bunch of nice people. Kindness is showing affection to every organism, it is showing gentleness to strangers, it is your concern towards every living on earth, it is your care towards everyone. So everybody let's have yet another simple change and treat every breathing organism with kindness. Give them the warmth of your touch, show them your presence not JUST by giving them your clothes and food but by making sure you are there for them to help them to get them back at their feet and to the point they don't need your help anymore. Show them that you care about them then they'll do the same to someone else which helps us to make this world a little better. Also, don't limit your kindness to humans. Every organism deserves your kindness. We are supposed to be sharing the earth not limiting it to ourselves.

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