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Toe Wrestling

Recently while surfing the internet, I came across a weird yet fun sport; Toe wrestling. This game is originated in the UK. At that time the United Kingdom struggled to produce any world champions. So while bemoaning the country for its lack of champions; Pete Cheetham, Eddie Stansfield, Pete Dean, and Mick Dawson created toe wrestling. Toe wrestling is a sport involving two opponents who lock bodies and feet and attempt to pin each other down with no time limit similar to arm wrestling. Rules are very much similar to arm wrestling too, to play, players must take off their shoes and socks as the game is played with bare feet. It is a common courtesy for each player to remove the other player's shoes and socks. Players must link toes and each player's foot must touch flat on the other person's 2 out of 3 bases. Rounds are played first with the right foot, then left, and right again if necessary. Toe Wrestling is another childhood game that has made it to the big-time adult sporting world. The organizers had big intentions for the sport and applied in 1997 for its inclusion in the Olympic Games. Unfortunately for other sports fans, it was very unusual so, it still hasn't been included. It all started at Ye Olde Royal Oak Inn in Alabama, Staffordshire in 1974, by four drunk friends but now the World Toe Wrestling Championship is held annually at its birthplace itself, The Royal Oak in Wetton near Ashbourne, Derbyshire, England.

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