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The World Inside

When talking about something such as the world our mind always creates a spherical globe namely the Earth and its residents. Something that's humongous and gives a sense of expansiveness. Coming to think of it the world could not always plausibly mean something that's colossal. Recently I have been making numerous trips to places via bus. While riding the bus I perpetually feel disconnected from the world outside. For a while, it seems like that within the enclosed space of the bus exists a world with few people who seem to be lost in their own world. Everyone has their thoughts running wild, eyes displaying a range of emotions yet none reflects on the face. The world inside varies shades from the world outside. The sky seems beautiful and the sun mesmerizing yet it ensures a different weight to it. The world inside is calm and passing at a pace slower than ever. Everyone appears as a stranger even so one can recognize them. A feeling that uproars inside the heart are what I couldn't even wrap my mind around. Every beautiful journey has to end so has this, in order to begin the new one. When the door opens one has to eventually walk past it. The faces you might or might not see sting your heart. It took me this numerous rides, to come to a conclusion that no matter how much I love the world inside but eventually I have to embrace the world outside. A union of two is what makes a world what it is. A tiny place that my heart carries within which everyone lives.

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