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The Outstanding Ocean

I recently visited Diu- a union territory famous for its white beaches, majestic ocean, blue water, and Portuguese architecture. In the evening, I sat quietly and observed the ocean very carefully. After spending some time in silence, I realized that the oceans teach us many great things. I would like to share today with you all some of the lessons I've learned from oceans. The first and very important thing is to be free in our lives. Be free from negativity, past experiences, grudges, conflicts, harmful thoughts, etc. Once we will be free from all these things, we will start moving in our lives with great joy and love. The same way the waves do. The next thing is to keep our hearts open and accept people in our lives wholeheartedly. The oceans welcome all the rivers and they merge into the ocean. At the same time, it doesn't keep anything inside it. We should also learn to let go of negative, unproductive, and unuseful things in our life. It can be a bad attitude, anger, hatred, or jealousy. The last thing, I want to share is to stay calm after the storm. The oceans face tide. Once the tide is over, the ocean goes back to its normal condition. We also need to learn that once the storm of our life is over, we should learn to be calm and gather the courage to face the situation. So yes, the ocean is one of the phenomenal and magnificent creations of God. May we all spread endless love to all living beings and stay optimistic!

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