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The Joy of Skydiving

There is a lot to love about skydiving. A tandem skydive is perhaps the single most intense and exciting thing many people ever do – a full minute of pure speed and total joy as you fly through the air. The effect that this can have on your life can be significant, as you find yourself with a different perspective from the other side of something you thought you maybe couldn’t do. Skydiving is not a ride, it’s a sport. It’s not scary. If you haven’t done it before, then thinking about it can be but actually doing it’s not. Our anxious thoughts will gradually turn to excitement. Watching people land helps to reassure you, as you witness the happy hugs and huge grins of people as they touch down. In the plane the excitement builds, but as you jump any remaining fear you were carrying gets left behind in the plane. In freefall, there is only joy. People are enticed towards skydiving because it is exciting and cool. We are drawn to exhilarating experiences as they trigger our fight. They can create lasting benefits – better mood, sleep, brain function and can ever create a lingering sense of euphoria connected to what you have just accomplished.

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Sep 02, 2021

After reading your blog, I feel I should try it at least once in my life. Very well written!

Aastha Bhurani
Aastha Bhurani
Sep 09, 2021
Replying to

thank you soo much!! It means a lot :)


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