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The Invisible Risks

Life today has become fast, and the changes in the lifestyle of people have gotten them addicted to food items that can be either pre-cooked or can be cooked in a lesser time than the regular food. In the current world we quite often hear words like "fast food" "packet food" "ready to eat food" "ready to cook food". Fast food is popular because it's convenient, cheap and tastes good. Also easily available in the market in various forms. It's a great help to working women not to spend much time in kitchens. But the real cost of eating fast food never appears on the menu. They are highly processed, unrefined carbohydrates, added sugar and have lots of saturated fats. In addition to that, it also contains artificial flavouring and harmful chemical compounds. They are very addictive. The fast food industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. They came into existence with the first fish and chips shops in Britain during the 1860s. They have no or very less nutritional values and are extremely unhealthy. Studies have shown that fast food has detrimental effects on the human mind. It is advisable to adopt healthy food and lifestyle on priority. It will improve your health both physically and mentally. A healthy diet is needed for everyday energy. Good food is a treat to the body and as cooking is a spiritual activity, it should not be avoided.

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