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The importance of 'Me' time

"Areee my hectic schedule doesn't allow me to have 'Me time!", "I've never got the privilege to have this 'Me time!" I have heard many people saying this and even my brother at home says this quite often. I wonder why it is this much difficult for people to find time for themselves? Are they really busy or don't understand the importance of 'Me time?' Today, I want to talk about this simple change that we all should bring to our life. In the first part of the blog, I will tell you about the importance of 'Me' time and the second part will speak about how you can spare a few minutes every day for yourself. 'Me time' is a conscious effort taking time to recharge self. Finding time for yourself is much required in today's fast life. Thinking about self is not selfish. When you spare a few minutes of your day with yourself, you get an opportunity to connect with yourself. You can reflect on the things going on around you. Because our mind and body are interconnected, they need to be in sync for optimal performance. When they are not, you notice changes in that. Such as stress, anxiety and tension. You may also notice aches and pains in your body. It is amazing that our mind and body communicate with us every day. Yes, that's true. When you notice such changes in you, understand that your mind and body are telling you to find some 'Me time' to rest and relax. See you in the next blog with some tips and tricks for 'Me time'.

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