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The Glorious Night

When night falls, I fall too into the world that seems to get darker and darker with every second. I always get scared by those nights which doesn't have the moon to adore and moonlight that guides the path to the glorious moon. The night sky seems empty and stars seem lonesome without their moon. The night will always come and so will day. It's the natural process one says. But our fears don't understand this. It won't see that the ending of the night is the beginning of the day. It won't understand that night that brings darkness with is also the medium that allows stars to shine the brightest. The darker the night the more the shine. Night has its magic one often interprets as a mystery. When I was a child I was told that night is dark and so I believed. And I still do. But coming across this divide of night and sky made me realize it's just a game of time. You were taught to believe many things but as you grow up you might end up questioning your teaching. Why is night always dark? Exploring will often make you question yourself. Why am I afraid of falling and getting lost when I know sooner or later it might happen? I can see the light that approaches at the end of time but I never appreciate one that stays with me in the dark time. If it's about night then it's not just about stars that accompany the moon or darkness that makes star shines. It's about you!

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