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The Fashion textiles of the African Tribe

As a kid, I have always been fascinated by textiles as I have a great ambition for dancing textile design and patterns on dresses and sarees are the most eye-catching thing to me, and out of all the African craftsmanship hold a certain place in my choices for patterns. African Textiles are textiles from various locations across the African continent. Across Africa, there are many distinctive styles, techniques, dyeing methods, and decorative and functional purposes, textile designs like these hold significance for their culture and tribes. In Fact, the North African designs have a significant influence on western patterns, pallets, and fabrics for decades some of their designs have become so popular that they have also been featured in New York Fashion Week. In African Designs, the pattern plays an important role in clothes they often have stories related to war, religion, cultures, trade, and environmental disasters. The “evil-eye” is a well-known North African fashion design that symbolizes protection to ward off bad luck. They tend to have geometric and abstract patterns which represent symmetry and harmony so the people who have a certain interest in music may find some clues if looked closely. That’s it for this week hope you guys research more on them until next time!

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