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A - Aloo ka paratha

Indians are known for their parathas. Well today, we will be looking at aloo da paratha which originated from Punjab. What makes aloo paratha so special as compared to others? Well first and the foremost it has potato (aloo), adding all the spices adds flavour to it that enhances the taste, lastly cooking it with ghee is a different feel moreover then eating it with makhan, curd, or green chutney is another emotion. Cooked aloo ke paratha can also be packed in your tiffin for lunch. In fact, aloo paratha used to be my favorite tiffin snack when I was growing up! Some things never change. In the 21st century, due to convenience, working routines and rising household incomes, smaller families and time restrictions, the aloo paratha breakfast for urban Indians has been increasingly replaced by foods seen as more convenient such as cereals.

Fun Fact: The word paratha is derived from the word parat which means layers and atta which means flour.

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