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Survivor's guilt

I recently came across an article about people who recently lost their parents, friends, or/and relatives to the Covid-19 virus, feeling guilty about surviving this life-threatening situation over their loved ones. People are blaming themselves for not being able to save them or outliving them. This is becoming an issue and a most common one in youth. But we need to understand that death is something no one can control. It's okay to be sad, it helps you perceive your emotions but it's the worst thing to feel responsible for something you have no power over. Communicate, able to talk about is the first step of allowing yourself to grieve. Give yourself time and space, surround yourself with family and friends, find a way to be there for them too. Rather than accounting yourself or someone else for these unexpected tragedies, find a way to fill the gap for someone. Do your favorite activities, do whatever takes your mind off it, be selfish. It's a built-in reflex in our minds that Selfless is a good thing and Selfish is not. But it's better to be selfish than depressed. So have few simple changes for yourself, processing something this devastating is hard but you can do it if you do a little more for yourself. Have yet another 'One simple change' and be selfish for your own good. Hang in there it will get better. Soon! Very Soon!

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