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Surviving isn't Living

We all have been to the zoo at least once in our childhood. As a child, I had quite a fascination with it. It's still fresh in my mind, how I used to spend hours simply having staring matches with them and babbling to my parents about how we made eye contact with each other. We all have these fond memories of the zoo which makes the zoo seem a virtuous place. But as we grow up we start observing and understanding things. Our definition of a zoo changes to that of, a place where animals are kept bound in cages depriving them of their freedom. During the pandemic, we were confined in our houses which gave us a tad bit of experience of their lives. It made us feel ballistic, depressed and suffocated. Is it fair to them? Aren't Animals supposed to live their lives in natural habitats without any diminution? Are they meant to be bounded in cages for sake of human education? They deserve to live freely just as much as we do. Spending their entire lives in the zoo has cut down them from their real existence. It's a harsh truth that we have stripped them of their freedom which couldn't be denied in million years. We are human, aren't we? So let's live to our names. Let's take initiative to bring down this enormous dark business of the zoo. It's time to break chains it's time to set free. It's time to understand the difference between survival and living. So let's join hands to make the world a better place.

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