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Spring adds new life

Spring is the time of year that embarks the preamble of a new phase of life. The happiness and sadness, the hardship and harshness everything comes to an end. It comes somewhere in between cold winter and hot summer giving one glimpse of the imminent future and biding farewell to the past. We watch flower blooms and new leaves turn on branches. We witness the eternal beginning of something blooming into beautiful. The shower of rain in the mayhem of the sun makes us feel delighted and exhilarated. Walking down paths that have no trace of footsteps. Spring signifies changes can be beautiful but on contrary, it also shows us that some things never change and that's beautiful too. The one valuable lesson they leave me is that even if they know that they are going to wither someday it doesn't stop them from blooming. A thing which most people are afraid of - not the beginning but the way ahead. As things get harder most of us flee and that's okay but for how long? It's hard to face things but once you get to pass through it everything will be fine. I will wait for you my friend lets walk together now if not forever.

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