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Shine like a Sunflower

When it comes to naming our favorite flower, most of us will answer rose, lily, or tulip. But let me tell you about my favorite flower and some of the life lessons I have learned from it. My favorite flower is the sunflower. Strange. Isn’t it?? Yes, I love sunflower, and I tend to observe it very carefully holding it in my hand. The bright yellow-colored beautiful flower fascinates me the most. When I look at it more closely, I realized few things. The first and foremost thing is to follow the light. The sunflowers always follow the light of the sun. By following the light of our lives, we can continue to grow with more positive attitudes and happiness. The second thing I have learned is to stand tall. We may face many challenges in our lives, but we should never forget to stand tall against the tough days. This will help us to overcome challenges and build the never giving up attitude. And the last lesson I want to share is, we all need to realize that we all are unique in our way. We all have that potential to make this world a better and peaceful place to live. So just like the sunflower shines in its unique way, we should also learn to shine in our lives. I hope this blog will help you to fall in love with the sunflower. Have a shiny life ahead!

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