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Serendipity: A Miraculous Bow

Nature often seems like an open book that appears to be simple and apparent. One could solely see what it has to offer. Even so, it has many concealed infrequent undertaking that has been scattered and lost. One of such rarest exploits is Fogbows. Sounds familiar doesn't it?? It's just like a rainbow except for the fact that it appears in the fog instead of rain. This white beautiful bow seems so serene and beautiful that it takes your breath away. You are staggered by this extremely scarce phenomenon. It looks even more magical and incredible in the night sky. The term given to it is called the lunar bow. Many people call fogbow serendipity as it appears out of fluke. Indeed a miracle of nature. The more you explore the more you get stunned with its clandestine component. It makes us learn that being different is being beautiful in its way. You may be lacking colors but what you have is precious too. You are miraculous. So believe in yourself and trust God. You might be looking for rainbows but what if God gifts you fogbows. Trust the process because I believe everything happens for a reason, even a miracle. Also, I want you all to explore and discover nature more because my friend it has a lot more to offer than what one perceives for.

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Jan 03, 2022

This blog is just excellent! The way you compared it to our lives is just beautiful. Keep up the good work👍


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