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“To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness” Some of us try to indulge in things that make us feel special or important like gadgets, cars, fancy getaways, or big homes. It’s kind of telling yourself, “If I could treat myself big, it would be proof enough that I am loving myself. In the name of self-love some indulge in great wine, food, and amazing experiences and what they get is a momentary satisfaction – for sure. Well, I don’t deny that as life is here to be tasted. But then, all that indulging and staging ultimately feel so unlike real self-love – so empty. It’s because what feels good and isn’t what fills us with love. The truth is when we tend to do what makes us grow as people empowered by peace and serenity and equanimity and above all truly human, we start to feel and understand what self-love is all about. Self-love is all about tending to our physical strength, mental focus, inner stillness, or a joyous heart. In other words, we don’t set out on a mission to indulge in activities that mean fun and frolic in their most ordinary essence but instead, we set out to develop and nurture our inner strengths and their spirits by including daily practices like physical exercises, yoga, meditation, mantra chanting, nurturing love, practicing to stay relaxed and out of that comes self-love.

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