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Save in bulk by saving in watts.

Have we ever thought about how much we take from nature?! It can be in form of water, sunlight, forest, or any natural resources. When it comes to taking advantage of nature, we are always ahead of doing that. But when it comes to saving our nature and natural resources, we neither think about it nor care about it. Today, let us talk about our simple and small behavior which has the power to save our nature. With increasing industrialization, globalization, urbanization, the use of electricity is increasing rapidly. We become so irritated if there is a power cut even if for just an hour. By just making one simple change, we can certainly control our electricity use and also can work to save electricity. Whenever we are leaving our place, room, class, hall, office, we should always remember to shut down our devices and turn off the fan, light, AC, etc. It won't take more than a minute. This time, we should not think that the place, office, class don't belong to us. We should just think that by making this one simple change, we are making a huge positive impact on the environment. So, are you ready to take a simple step to heal our mother earth?

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