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Sémolinã Coconut Cake

India's foremost dessert is (drumrolls) Semolina Coconut Cake! Most of us have never tasted this beautiful dish but it is an Indian masterpiece. Wanna know why? We all bake cakes with wheat flour but this cake is an exception which is why it's another Indian wonder. Semolina means Sooji. Yes, this cake is made from Sooji and not wheat flour. Isn't that amazing?! Another reason what makes it unique is that this cake is soft and fluffy despite the fact that it is made from coarse ingredients like coconut and Sooji.

Let's see how this masterpiece came into existence.

It is a Goan dessert. The locals there use Sooji to cover fish and make other dishes. This encouraged the Portuguese in Goa to use Semolina in making cakes and who doesn't love coconuts! Just how some small experiments and blending of cultures can bring up something so beautiful and of course delicious.

This delicacy is extremely easy to make at home too and can be eaten with some cream or Ice cream. Semolina Coconut cake is number one on Indian dessert lists and sadly very underrated. Let's try to make this dish find its life again. I hope you try making it or tasting it because trust me it's all worth the hype!

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Sooji and coconut. These two are my one of the most favourite food items and I'm glad you wrote a blog about them..


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