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Return to the Body

This is a topic I wanted to talk about for a very long time and here it is about the body, mind and soul. The body, mind, and soul are the entirety of a piece, thus to sustain our spirituality we really want to get back to our very own sense of body - as significant, however as sacrosanct. As restricted, imperfect and ignored as our bodies might be, they are by the by filled to spilling over with divinity. There comes a moment that you come to a dramatic stop before the evident mass of truth that you definitely knew in your bones: The spiritual life is an embodied life. I'm both drawn and repulsed by this thought, as it implies that I need to focus on my body when I would prefer not to. My body and I have a set of experiences, an ill-disposed one on occasion. As I progress in years, I give my body less and less "likes" but then, isn't that one of the extraordinary difficulties old enough? To reconcile with the body? As Jonathan Ellerby says in his book Return to the Sacred, "Make peace with your own body and you will make peace in your life." Perhaps, as well, our tranquility with death and mortality accompanies the bundle.

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