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Hungry again?! This week we have an absolute royalty for you! Italian cuisine is wide and requires a lot of technique. Today's dish equally needs a lot of technique but tastes equally mesmerizing! It's always an expensive dish on an Italian menu but it's worth all the pounds. Today we'll talk about Ravioli!

Ravioli was made ever since the 14th century... yes it's quite an old recipe. It is a kind of Pasta but very unique. It is stuffed pasta which is cooked in sauce or broth. All Italian food lovers know for a fact that making a rich sauce or soup is a tough job... but making a stuffed pasta is equally tough. One needs to put the effort into making the stuffing and putting it between thin layers of pasta dough. That's what makes it unique, but it's totally worth the efforts! According to me, ravioli teaches a good lesson. One needs patience, effort, and time to become its rich and exquisite self... don't you agree?

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