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Rainy days with Thupka

For a second just close your eyes and imagine the raindrops outside your window. Your heart wants two things, one is the comfort of listening to that sound for hours and the other is delicious, mouth-watering food. Food that gives you comfort and is hot. Every time heaven opens up and it starts pouring, your usual food craving received a rainy boost. It is almost impossible to make the most of the rainy days without relishing it with some Tibetan thukpa (noodles soup). Who said thukpa is just a winter thing? Or that someone should drink only if you are down. No way! Because when it's pouring outside and you want to sip something hot and spicy including both taste and nutrition. Help yourself to a bowl of your favorite flavor thukpa and enjoy the beauty of rain. Thukpa is a flat noodle soup, mainly originated from Tibet and prominent in Nepali cuisine. It is a healthy and appetizing dish that can be eaten for either breakfast or dinner. Every home will have its special way of making thukpa. Some even make the noodles and home. Amado thukpa is a famous one. You can also make your chicken stew, fish or yak meat thukpa. This recipe will only take 25 mins of yours and trust me it's worth it. Here is the recipe.

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