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Purple Sky

Every astrophile loves the purple sky more than the blue one. When asked, some said they love the color; it's more vibrant. But I think people love purple sky not because it looks beautiful but because it’s something we don't get to see every day. Yes, the fact that the sky appears purple not so often makes it special. And I have learned this lately, in a very hard way - to the ones I can't stop talking about and adore the most are the purple sky in my life. They look beautiful but they just don't fit into my normal life. They are bright but, at times failed to bring that light I used to crave when with them. The blue sky, that I am used to living under, just fits in so perfectly that I don't want any other now. Purple skies are not wrong nor ugly they are just the changed ones with different qualities that we love for a few hours a few days. But will we be able to live under them for ages, the rest of our lives? Probably no. To my blue sky, "maybe I see you daily and maybe we have nothing exciting left but I would still prefer to choose you over and over all the time even on the stormy and rainy days I just want you to stay."

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22 เม.ย. 2565

can't agree more! touched my heart!!


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