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Prison Food : Singapore

Another day talking about prison food and this time it's Singapore. While searching about their food, I came across an approach that encompasses not only living conditions, restrictions on the movement, and the agency of choice, but it extends the food they eat for as long as they remain in prison. All food served in prison is halal-certified, but the menu there doesn't make any difference in religion. They all are served the same thing. Sometimes the medical conditions are taken into account and the people are served according to their health.

The food served is in the rectangular opening at the cell door and the inmates eat on the floor. They use a simple coded plate system. Where one color plate is different from another according to their diet. Green is for the normal diet, blue is for sugar-free, yellow for inmates having nut allergies, and red for vegetarians. The menu is decided on both calories and cost. Their daily calorie intake differs, but 1531 is the general. Breakfast contains White bread with jam or butter/coffee with milk options. Lunch has fried mee hoo and fish cake and at last, dinner contains white rice, baked fish, mixed vegetable and gravy with it.

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19 feb 2022

This is a really interesting series you've started!! Good luck with it.

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Contestando a

Thanks for that motivation S <3

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