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Play Life like a Cricket match

What happens when a bowler bowls a fast bowl? A very rhetorical question in itself. There are two possible outcomes, one is either the batsman is conscious about the pace and he hits it for a six or the ball is unplayable and it knocks the bail off. Here, in this statement, the ball resembles our attempts, the bat resembles the obstacles, the stumps are our goals or targets and the cricket pitch is our life. Many people in this world tend to sidetrack from their goals and focus on less essential things. When a bowler diverts himself and does not focus on hitting the bails, he actually won't hit it because he's not concentrating on it. Just like that, we are the bowlers of our life. We can manifest literally anything. The obstacles are inevitable and they'll come in our way, just like the bat which comes in the path of the bowl, and if the bowler is not focused, the bowl won't hit the target. So, the vital understanding here is FOCUS. With focus a person can bowl all the attempts, dodging off the obstacles and hitting the desired target. With focus mountains can be conquered, oceans can be sailed over, and a person can achieve anything but a non-focused person gets drowned in the river of futile attempts.

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03 de jun. de 2021

What a great connection of cricket and life explained in simple words! Excellent!


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