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Pehli Baarish - The First Rain

Ummm. Waterlogged streets, mad traffic jams, horns beeping around at the highest frequencies, people stepping and hopping from one stone to another with halfway folded pants, and the children on the road dancing with the weirdest actions but the biggest and purest of smiles. The greenest of greenery, that ambrosial smell of bhinni mitti, that soothing sound of the rivers rushing. Yes, the first proper Baarish of the season. God knows how many people wished for it. The sukoon our soul feels can not be equivalent to any metaphor or simile. Sometimes the baarish works like washing away the dust of the rest of the year from the beautiful plants and flowers. And sometimes it rips the road off the smooth-looking appearance giving a way to potholes. The same is with humans. Isn’t it? Rain can either revive us back to life or can make us realize how miserable we are. Strange, how different people experience the same rain differently. But that’s what helps us to grow. But in the end its presence, its tapering sound shows hope. The hope of a farmer, a flower, nature, an animal, and the entire living species for a brighter, greener, lively, and joyful tomorrow. And of course not to forget the craving for mouth-drooling dal vadas, bhajyas, and chai.

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