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Peace - Language of soul

I stood by the beach, soaking my legs in the water. I just stood there. Staring at every wave rushing and hitting my legs. At that moment I found my peace. I realized that you can have peace even in chaos whereas at times you will find your mind in chaos even in the most silent and peaceful place. I guess peace is the language of the soul. You know when my mind is at peace, everything feels at ease but then suddenly there are moments when I think about the times when I wanted to scream and tell all those unsaid thoughts and things I have been going through. It becomes so difficult to be with yourself when all you want is to escape. It doesn't matter how close we are with certain people, there will be something that you won't feel like sharing. You will just simply keep it to yourself. Peace doesn't have a proper definition for me. Sometimes it brings so much calmness and sometimes it hits like a wave of loneliness. Ummm. Like the low tides can be soothing and easy-going whereas the high tides can shake things all at once.

So probably I will say, "Be in the moment. Whether it's the low tide or the high one is the latter. What if you even miss the good part avoiding the bad."

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