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Outcast: The Shimmering New

Things look better in a place where they belong." People back then and now are quite obsessed with this. I have often heard people saying "You don't belong here." " I don't know where I belong anymore no one needs me." To think we all have grown up in the surrounding that is obsessed with this stupid idiotic ideology makes me think about what has become of us. Why do we need to belong somewhere? Why do we need to fit in? Simply because we would be outcasted. Having come across this word the millionth time in life makes you think why being an outcast is such a bad thing?? Why do you wanna fit in a place just for the stupid thing that you look better but feel horrible? I better be off alone rather than be a part of something I am not. Why shall I force myself for fitting in? Why shall I pressurize others for liking me? Being an outcast is a new beautiful. Why allow anyone else to reject oneself. We don't need to find a place we belong neither we have to make it. From my perspective things that are out of place makes you view thing in a new light and it is thrilling. Outcast isn't the refusal of acceptance by society, it is what will I, make of it, i.e acceptance and embracing myself.

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1 Comment

Shreetu Nandi
Shreetu Nandi
Apr 30, 2022

Beautiful. Uniqueness must be embraced!


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