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Our Soil

"Meri mitti di khushbo" aka the smell of my soil. The infamous dialogue comes straight away from Hindi cinema or Bollywood. Sound dramatic, doesn't it? I thought so too. But I soon realized what I thought of dramatic was just a pure form of love towards one's soil. "Iss mitti sey wajood hai mera." Aka I exist from this soil. From being born until the very last moment of my life and death I stay rooted with this soil. Whether it's the food I eat or the house I live in. Everything is interlinked to the soil. We are in an everlasting relationship with nature and its components. Soil is one of our very love affairs. Have you ever thought about what would have happened to your home or your working space if the soil underneath wasn't in a stable condition? Soil makes the foundation of this entity and it's embedded deeply to make this place last long. Someone once said, "Healthy soil is equal to healthy us." When I say this I'm not exaggerating it by any means. You might now be aware that soil can have both a positive and negative impact on human health. Healthy soils provide the necessary nutrients and clean water to plants in order to produce nutritious food. It is always said that only a jeweler knows the real value of a diamond. In the same way, only a few people know the value of this soil, farmers being one. It is never bad to know a thing or two about someone whose life is all about us. How will you recognize something without knowing?

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