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Our beloved Summer

It's not my first time writing a blog on the "Summer". But what has changed during this phase is my outlook on it. I have been always eager for the Summer holidays as a child and as an adult too. Summer vacation is one of the longest vacations sets pre-amble of planning trips, exploring, and making loads of memories. Summer is a book filled with numerous chapters and new characters begging to be discovered. Taking a look back I realized how much things have changed and most importantly how as a person I have changed. The summer last year or way before that, or shall I say every summer I had experience had been in a different shade and forms varying from hot to hotter, from cycling to binge-watching series, from sleeping under the night sky to lying under air conditioner room. So many things have changed yet some things just remain the same. By the same I mean the tubs of Ice cream, the everlasting duty of filling water bottles and keeping them in the refrigerator, playing with friends, singing songs, and most importantly enjoying mangoes all the time. Ironic huh how we enjoy them both. We have learned to bend and adapt to new things, still, we have managed to tie up to the roots. Summer is not just a season. It's a love story of millions. A love story filled with million recipes of food, diaries filled with feelings, an album full of craziness and heatwaves wrecking you but still managing to make your beloved summer cooler.

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Mar 28, 2022

And sleeping on the terrace under beautiful sky full of stars is one of the special things to do in summer!😍


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