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Oh, Mightiest wind!

Winds are changing their direction again. Playing little games of its own. It makes me feel giddy when it plays with my hair, caressing my cheeks lovingly. The inner child inside me squeals when the wind embraces me in its warmth. Comforting me and patting me lovingly. My soul dances merrily as emptiness fade away to the farthest corner and is replaced by the overwhelming sensation of being at peace. The euphoria at its highest makes me gush over how beautiful this bond of ours is. Wind challenges me as it further rushes away, making me run after it. It motivates me to chase after my abandoned desires. It makes me wanna live again. It makes me wanna breathe again. It soars me to new heights. I am grateful for bringing back the real me that was lost somewhere in the bustling world. I am thankful to wind my companion who made me realize the power of touch and love. All I could do to express my love is to embrace you with my open arms and feel you for the last time as you say your goodbye. As you went away to save someone's life and be the reason for their smile.

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19 nov 2021


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