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Observing everything as a piece of art

Hey! I guess you are just sitting and probably doing nothing, oh ya but reading my blog! Look up from your phone and observe there are numerous things that are just incredible, it might be just a wall, a table, a lamp, sky, or even a bedsheet. Everywhere your eyesight can reach is a form of art having different colors and shapes but special in its own way, right! Our eyes which are observing all this is also an art but we have never noticed it deeply, but everything around us, shows us so unique qualities in a unique form, have you not wondered that why is this thing is in this particular color and size or shape only, why it is so pleasing to my mind? Who got the idea to create it! I'm sitting here and was observing my table lamp and it just gave me an idea to write a whole blog on, you might find inspiration from your bedsheet color too! So just adore the surroundings and create your own masterpiece, that's why it is said that 'ART IS THE WAY OF LIFE'. So ya do comment on what you find attractive from your observation.

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