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Normalizing the normal thing

These days, people are more anxious about their bodies than about having a good life. While the trend of a "perfect body with a perfect smile" is taking a swing in our lives, we are neglecting the mental health issues they tend to face because of that image of perfect body image set in our minds. We are so concerned about how people will look at us, that we spend most of our lives trying to figure out how to be outstanding in everyone's views. I'm going to say this loud and clear for the last time; "There is no good, outstanding, or mesmerizing body image every body type is natural as long it is healthy." We treat our bodies as objects to be honed and worked upon since the very existence of our lives. And for what? Working on yourself and your body is the best thing you could do, but doing it for the sole purpose of looking good or proving something to someone isn't healthy. We should treat our bodies like a holy place because it is allowing us to talk, walk, cry, laugh, and most importantly live. So we need to normalize all the body images so that everyone can accept themselves without a fight. So let's have yet another One simple change and accept and promote every body type. Let's have a goal to have a healthier and fitter body rather than a perfect one.

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