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Navratri Special : Fariyali Roestii

Navratri is an Indian festival last for nine or ten days celebrated every year. Where Nava means nine and Ratri means night. Navratri usually falls around the month of march and April and others during October and November. During these nine days, nine forms of shakti Devi is worshipped. During this time of seasonal change, our immunity tends to decline and there it helps to switch to light Satvik food that doesn't burden our digestive system. Today I will tell you 5 healthy and easy versions of fast (vrat) food. Number one on the list is BARNYARD MILLET CUTLETS. It has a good source of protein and low calories quite often eaten in the northern parts of India. The second one for today is my personal favourite and that is FARIYALLI ROESTII. It's a spin of authentic Swiss Roestii and voila with that you have your fasting dish. And the last one for today is BARNYARD MILLET SALAD. It's quite multifaceted ingredients and can be used in an assortment of recipes including all the salads that my mom makes. Let me know your favourite fasting food during Navratri.

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