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Nature: The Ideal Family

The day when I and my friends decided to go on a trek, was the day when we felt that the trip would be the best and the most memorable trip of ours. We all had one thing in mind, we had to conquer the place and the altitude. A trek deep into the mountains with a maximum altitude of 14,000 ft, a beautiful yet treacherous waterfall of melting glaciers coming down from the lap of “The Mighty Himalayas”, the kilometre-long narrow roadway through which we had to walk, accompanied by a bottomless valley on the right side and a steep ascend on the left, we all understood that this was a very big deal. But we had one thing with us, the thing that exists even in nature, we had the power of support, we had the power of friendship and we had the power of love. Throughout the trip we supported ourselves the way the trees support each other, we cared for each other the way nature cares for us, we became a family devoid of any personal motives, we became the family, the ideal family, the family that the mankind was before envy invaded our brain. At the altitude of around 12,000 ft, where we had our noses flowing due to the climate, bodies shivering due to the cold, we all knew that we had the back of each other. We all provided each other with the warmth that the sun gives us, we all shared the resources the way the environment does and we ultimately became the family that mother nature always wanted us to be.

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1 Comment

Aug 24, 2022

Beautifully written😍


Pick some words and hear them talk.

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