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Nature's cereal

Am I the only one or do you feel like giving a healthy start to the day too while saving the calories for the dinner? If you have been on Instagram or other social media, you might have come across the healthy start I'm going to talk about. It has been on hype on Tiktok and Instagram and it's all worth the hype. Many of us take cereals for breakfast but recently there has been a cereal that is not that regular cereal you have, In fact, this one will completely change your perspective over cereals. Wayne Mears, whom you can find on TikTok thought of this masterpiece simply while lying on the bed one night wondering what to eat for breakfast the next day. So what is nature's cereal? It is super easy to make. You can take 3 or more fruits or berries of your choice as 'cereals' and a fruit juice (preferably coconut water) to substitute milk. It is a fresh and healthy idea and will undoubtedly give you that healthy start you're looking for. Let us know if this nature's cereal fascinates you!

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