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Nature and Balance

To my eyes, Nature is balance. There is nothing unwanted or unrequited in Nature. Everything has its own purpose and everything is so much important in its own way! I would like you to take a minute and think of something that is not useful in Nature. Yes, you might come up with some things like weeds but isn't that just how we humans see it? The things which trouble us are unwanted for us. That's not it. The weeds too have a purpose for life just like anything else. We just simply forget to recognize its value because we're having a hard time. We should thank mother nature not only for supporting our survival but also for teaching us this valuable lesson. Balancing the good and bad in us and trying to value something or someone even in our hard times because everything exists with a purpose of its own. If you take a deeper look at nature, you will rediscover yourself. Because after all isn't it all about survival just like us humans and all the other living beings?

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