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Nani's Love

Days passed by, the inner child in me was waiting for my summer vacation to start. And go meet my Nani (grandma). Her vibe, her hugs, her handshake her food was all I wait for the whole year. Kachori is one thing she is like an expert of. Like you just put that in your mouth and for a second you are in heaven tasting all the flavors needed. Kachori is a round deep-fried spicy-filled snack. Mostly found in Indian subcontinents. This is the most popular roadside snack you'll find across the northern parts especially in Rajasthan. Arhar dal sauteed with spices and herbs like garam masala, chili powder, khus coconut, and mixed with tamarind and a pinch of sugar. Deep-fried in oil, these crispy dal kachoris are perfect for tea-time munchings. Mint, coriander, or sweet chutney would be a great companion to eat with. Also there are a lot of ways to eat kachoris with maybe with a spicy vegetable or curd. Delhi is famous for its kachori chat, Gujarat for small kachoris, Rajasthan for rasilli kachori ( which means to eat it with some spicy soup or vegetable ). Have you ever tried kachori? Here is a link to make your own

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