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My Land: The Spectacular of Time

Have you ever given a thought that who would have witnessed the longest battle, atrocities, and revolt of the World? History is full of artifacts, tales, and facts that have been displayed to depict suffering, victory, and varied invention. But then they were created at a certain period. So who could it be? A person ?? Nah, they wouldn't live long. It's our land. Our very own motherland. I don't know where you are readings from this. But just glance below your feet and think how many people before you would have stood there. There would be many. Looking around your room you will realize this place has not always been like this. Our land has seen more wars than we could ever. It has been traumatized every time it would lose its child. It has witnessed the virtue of rebels and the downfall of a delinquent. It has observed the beginning of the end along with tales of love and hate. It has seen the greatest take fall only to fly high. It has seen humanity at its dearth and has still believed in the love and faith of mankind. For it believes that someday people will look beyond blood and flesh and embrace each other setting free the fears and revulsion. Only land knows how much peace it craves for the conflicted child. Oh and how sincerely it wishes for pure love to fill the tainted heart of all. Our land has been a victim for a long. It's on you to find its justice. It's on you to make her belief come true.

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