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My Breath and I

Today, let us do something practical. When it comes to doing something easy and fast Anapana comes first. Anapana is the first step in the practice of Vipassana Meditation. It is the best technique that you can do every day as it is just 10-12 minutes of spiritual practice that can make your whole day better. You have to just sit comfortably in silence. Cross your legs and make your back straight, close your eyes so that you can focus more. And then you just have to focus on the entrance of your nostrils. Just observe how you are breathing in and how you are breathing out. Observe the interval between them. Don't think of anything but just observe your breath as it is. If your breath is small then it is small, if it is long then it is long, if it is fast then it is fast. Just observe it, do not try to change it. If you get lost in between then just again start focusing on your breath. It is an effective tool to deal with fear, anxiety, stress, tension, nervousness and it will really help you to increase your concentration of mind, the memory becomes sharp and you feel relaxed. It is recommended to this practice at least once in the morning and evening to get the true benefits of this technique. To know more about Anapana you can click here. Just try this once with guided sound which is available in different languages here and let me know in the comments how you felt after doing it for the first time...

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