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Music the way of life

Be it emotional, empowering, upbeat, Bollywood, pop or ghazal, we all have different preferences in music. Have you ever wondered about the effect of music on us and how certain studies show the positive result of listening to music? More than being just a sound to our ears, it's a form of self-expression at the same time a way of healing, healing from the past and just letting us be in the moment. Music has it all! Sometimes you listen to an artist and think how it completely matches with the situation that we are going through and how lyrics resonate with us to a coincidentally relatable extent. Many people too, even get inspired by that and start to produce their own music. There are various ways to get engaged in this vast art of music. Some sing, some produce, some play and some compose. Practising singing has its own benefits that make your mental health, as well as your overall, being well. Many people who are into sports know for a fact that music, is their saviour. Some studies have shown that people who are in the flow state along with music and their work tend to get their work done faster and are said to be more productive, it boosts your overall performance. It has the power to take you to a completely different world, forget your problems and just vibe, More than that, music binds people together. It can deeply affect the state of our mood and mental being, that's why it is more advisable to listen to positive music.

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