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Multitasking - The Road To Efficiency?

Multitasking is an extremely effective way for stress management. Well, at least for me it is. I have invested my time in tons of activities. I love learning and practicing different forms of art or playing different roles like managing something or taking up leadership for some activity or even taking part in debates. What I believe is that when you do a lot of things together, you distribute your time in such a way that after every couple of hours, you get refreshment. It is like a constant dose of change for a good reason, in a good way. This way one never gets bored of their monotonous routine. When something interesting keeps popping up, your efficiency increases. Although I believe in this, it is a very personalized approach. For example, some people believe that multitasking disturbs your focus and concentration from the main activity but for me, change is a necessity. So choose whatever suits you best but just figure it out. There should be nothing like a given statement that you must follow.

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