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Monsoon Tales

There was a time when watching rain cascading down from heaven above to the holy land of the earth seemed magical. The sound of raindrops tapping over the roof is a musical harmony of its own. Leaves and trees swaying from wind force appeared dancing. Squirrels rushing from one end of the tree to another, dogs taking the shed under the cars. The beautiful paper boats that children hands work skillfully and smoothly were set on a sail. Set amidst the flowing channel of water. The bustling life and thunderous laughter seemed peculiar against the calmness and content of heart. A sudden desire of drinking tea with pakoras evoking my heart. Giving in the desire, our bellies were filled with crispy hot pakoras along with spicy green chutney and a cup of tea. Spending time playing games with families, a bliss we had somehow distanced ourselves from. My heart longs for the days when life was not stringed by these electronic devices. Let's be wander and explorer. Getting lost in this world to find heart's deepest desire. Let's recreate that moment, together with you, I and nature and embrace our true self.

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